Arms attributed to Bleddyn ap Maenarch
The Gower Landeg family, according to the earliest sources, descends from BLEDDYN AP MAENARCH the last Prince of Brycheiniog [died 1093]. Bleddyn died fighting against the Norman invasion of his principality. His wife was a sister of Rhys ap Tewdwr,King of Deheubarth, who also died in 1093 supporting his brother-in-law.
A descendant of Bleddyn,via his son GWRGAN, was one HYWEL MELYN who lived in the Gower area. Hywel named one of his sons JOHN LANDEG, the latter term being a descriptive element denoting that the boy was 'fair and handsome'.
From this single C15th Landeg it would appear that all others of this name descend.

Arms attributed to Iestyn ap Gwrgan
Iestyn ap Gwrgan, King of Morgannwg,lost his kingdom to the Normans in 1093. His sons were able to retain much of their father's lands and from these sons descend many Glamorgan families. By the C17th Landegs were also descended from Iestyn ap Gwrgan via DAVID, ABBOT OF MARGAM [fl.1515]. The latter cleric fathered several illegitimate daughters which circumstance no doubt contributed to the Abbot's sacking!
Many Landegs today also descend from Iestyn ap Gwrgan via the mother of Lt. Colonel John Landeg. She was a member of the Thomas family of Brinwhilach which has a well recorded pedigree going back not only to Iestyn ap Gwrgan but Bleddyn ap Maenarch as well.

The Gower peninsular, homeland of the Landeg family
By the C15th the first Landeg was established in the Gower. This was,according to numerous books of Welsh pedigrees, one JOHN LANDEG, son of HYWEL MELYN.
By the C16th there were several Landegs established in Llanrhidian,Bishopston & Llangyfelach. They were mainly classed as gentry being both freeholders and customaryhold tenants of several Gower manors.

Llangyfelach Church
By the mid C16th Landegs appeared in the Fee of Trewyddfa- a manorial unit situated within the parish of Llangyfelach.The first identified Landeg at this time was one Roger Landeg who was Reeve of Trewyddfa. The christian name Roger was perpetuated through the generations, alternating with John. The Llangyfelach Landegs died out in the male line with Lt. Colonel John Landeg[died 1808 at Bath]from whom I am descended via his illegitimate son Thomas.
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