This 'branch' stems from a certain Rees Landeg who married Elizabeth Robert of Llansamlet in 1793 at Llantwit juxta Neath. Rees was clearly born some time prior to 1780 and there is evidence to suggest that Landegs were active in this area from the mid C18th. It is not clear how this branch relates to the others.
It is from this branch that the American Osmond family descend - well known for their involvement with popular music in the late C20th.
The branch is responsible for producing perhaps 50% of those who still carry the Landeg surname.


This branch was clearly in existence by the mid C16th with a certain Roger Landeg acting as Reeve for the manorial Fee of Trewyddfa. This branch later produced a certain John Landeg,Husbandman who was a customary tenant of the Fee of Trewyddfa.This John was born probably around the start of the C17th. From John stems a proven line of descent which contains some of the most interesting characters.
There's Roger Landeg, Gentleman who died in 1730 in Cardiff gaol whilst held on a charge of murder.
The latter's son, John, was steward to the Popkins of Fforest family and lived at Trewyddfa Issa and known as the Squire of Brunant Acca [his freehold property in Bettws,Carm.]. He married into the Thomas family of Brinwhilach in Llangyfelach.
Next we have Roger Landeg, Gentleman - son of the Squire. Roger founded the first Swansea Bank in Wind Street,Swansea.
The most colourful character was,perhaps, Lt.Colonel John Landeg another son of the Squire. He made his fortune in India and returned to Wales to purchase his mother's family home of Brinwhilach. Colonel John was the last member of the family carrying the surname to reside in the parish of Llangyfelach. He died at Bath in 1808.


This branch was founded by one Thomas Landeg, an illegitimate son of Lt.Colonel John Landeg of Llangyfelach [a short distance across the mountain from Bettws]. Thomas was baptised in 1794 at Llangyfelach but later married at Bettws. He produced a large family of sons and daughters and there may be descendants of Thomas's daughters still in the area today. Most of Thomas's family, however, migrated to the Aberdare and Mountain Ash area of Glamorgan.

These branches descend from the sons of Thomas Landeg of Bettws [baptised 1794].

This branch descends from Captain John Landeg who was an illegitimate son of Lt.Colonel John Landeg of Llangyfelach. Captain John was born in India almost certainly from a liaison between the then Major John Landeg of the Honourable East India Company and a native woman [probably of high social standing in her own country]. The child of this liaison was brought back to Wales and educated as a gentleman. He entered for the army and married off to his cousin, Sophia Mansel. Later, the by then Captain Landeg, married bigamously and had children who seem not to have survived childhood. He later married, again bigamously, a certain Agnes Corbett from Ilfracombe. This 'marriage'produced a number of children and the family landed up in London losing all links with remaining Landeg relatives back in Wales. This branch has produced a large proportion of those bearing the surname Landeg today.

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